Roos Rule! And Kiwis Rock!

Posted by  • Sumathi Umapathy 

Australians are a unique lot - just like their country and its fauna and flora. With unique leave management needs. They work 7.6 (that is 7 hours 36 minutes) hours a day and have their own policies like Carers leave, long service rules and accrual rates. They have Birthday leaves and Christmas Shopping leaves! And want accruals at all odd times of the week and year! Sick leave and Carers leave from Fair Work Act 2009. We have has requests to set shift timings for different sets of people as well as for individuals - as the country encourages its employees to work according to their capacity to put in time at the workplace! We love their individuality! Where else can you get a company/division called "One Meaning Communicated Differently" or "Destroy All Lines"?

And Kiwis are no less unique. New Zealand has its own set of leave rules and policies that are accrual based. We have designed PlanMyLeave to cater to New Zealand's leave policies and government rules. Kiwis rule when it comes to fair work policies implementation!

Our programming teams got to work incorporating the custom rules for our Australian and Kiwi clients. Smart and cheerful - our Aussie and Kiwi clients are always doing their own settings as they understand our system best.

Roos Rule! and Kiwis Rock!

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