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Posted by  • Sumathi Umapathy 

Who are our power users? Clients with global offices spread across the globe. They are our power users as they stretch us to our limits with their requirements. Let’s take the example of a consulting firm headquartered in New York for whom we set up PlanMyLeave. They have offices in 8 locations around the world in 6 different timezones. They have employees who work full time, part time and some who work from home on certain days of the week. They also have people who travel on business often and who will not be physically present in the office. And of course they have 8 sets of company holidays for the year – one for each location in each country.

The Global HR Officer of this firm approached us with her challenge of getting one single platform with which she can view, edit, manage the entire HR information and absences of staff. "We have different leave policies for Annual leave for each location and based on the years of service. The same persons heads the Sales departments in 3 locations. "Ok- not a problem" we said. "Some people work shifts. Do you have settings to take care of that? ". "Yes!" we said enthusiastically. Online Staff Leave Planner is designed as an enterprise class leave management system for global locations, multiple leave types and custom leave policies. We helped her set up Online Staff Leave Planner to address all her requirements. Managers of support staff who cover the global time zones are now able to see how they are staffed daily and where extra cover is needed. Sales Heads are able to see who is travelling on business and where they are. Team leads can look at the team calendar and plan out how to manage their resources. Overtime for support staff who cover on weekends is managed with Time Off in Lieu – they get 1.5 times regular time banking for working on weekends. Online Staff Leave Planner implemented the Restricted days setting for China – they have consecutive Spring break holidays for 7 days and wanted to restrict people from applying for leave for the next 3 Saturdays. We set it up using the Restricted days setting. Managers and Department heads needed email reminders of impending leave of people reporting to them. We set up leave reminders to go out to all people in the approval path as well as for the Department managers. Online Staff Leave Planner allows you to send up to 3 reminder mails of an upcoming absence of a team member. So you can prepare for absences well in advance.

Now Online Staff Leave Planner is the most preferred and referred to HR app by the HR Staff and Managers in the company. Let us know what your global leave management and compliance needs are - and we will see how it can be implemented for you. Are you looking for a global absence tracking platform that can be managed with a centralized dashboard. Look no further. Just write to me at and we will help you get up and running in no time.

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